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Taken as the starting point, the definition above has been reinterpreted and expanded based on different approaches and priorities from country to country. In a study led by the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction CIB and carried out with the collaboration of experts from countries around the world, different definitions were given. For example, in the Netherlands, the government sustainable policy was based on energy, mineral resources, land use and biodiversity, and they defined sustainable construction as "a way of building which aims at reducing negative health and environmental impacts caused by the construction process or by buildings or by the built-up environment.

In the s, awareness of sustainability emerged, [3] amidst oil crises happened. At that time, people began to realize the necessity and urgency of energy conservation, which is to utilize energy in an efficient way and find alternatives to contemporary sources of energy.

Additionally, shortages of other natural resources at that time, such as water, also raised public attention to the importance of sustainability and conservation. Sustainable development interconnects three socially concerned systems, environment, society and economy, with systems approach then generates its goal defined by United Nations Development Program.

The construction industry's response to sustainable development is sustainable construction. Kibert, compared with the traditional concerns in construction performance, quality, cost , the criteria of sustainable construction has become resource depletion , environmental degradation and healthy environment, [7] and there were also 6 principles set for sustainable construction:. Since , much progress to sustainable construction has been made all over the world.

Sustainability in construction

In , a study led by International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction CIB was carried out with the collaboration of experts from countries around the world. The purpose of it was to study the vision of sustainable construction in the attended countries. Today, the adoption of sustainable construction is surprising.

Matt Hamman: Sustainability in Construction

Production and transport of building materials consumes 25 - 50 percent of all energy used depending on the country considered. By implementing sustainable construction, benefits such as lower cost, environmental protection, sustainability promotion, and expansion of the market may be achieved during the construction phase.

Sustainable construction might result in higher investment at the construction stage of projects, the competition between contractors, due to the promotion of sustainability in the industry, would encourage the application of sustainable construction technologies, ultimately decreasing the construction cost. Meanwhile, the encouraged cooperation of designer and engineer would bring better design into the construction phase.

By adopting sustainable construction, contractors would make the construction plan or sustainable site plan to minimize the environmental impact of the project. According to a study took place in Sri Lanka, [13] considerations of sustainability may influence the contractor to choose more sustainable, locally sourced products and materials, and to minimize the amount of waste and water pollution.

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Another example is from a case study in Singapore, [14] the construction team implemented rainwater recycling and waste water treatment systems that help achieve a lower environmental impact. More importantly, the contractor would have known this was a key performance indicator for the client from day one, allowing them the opportunity to not tender for the work, should this not appeal to them. Low core temperature can cause complications in surgery and in extreme cases cause cancellations, with risk of fatalities in operations.

The ward environment and patient journey between a ward and operating theatre have been investigated in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Air temperature and humidity have been monitored over many months, and the immediate thermal impact of the patient journey has been investigated using a bespoke trolley with sensors, alongside thermographic surveys along the route to the operating theatre. The work has currently shown that whilst the air temperature is consistently within acceptable limits on the ward, the impact of cold surfaces in certain positions may have ramifications for varying patient core temperatures.

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