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Their phone numbers are listed in the description of research interests - please, call collect!

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Research in our department is widely recognized as being on the forefront of modern physical chemistry. Our faculty have won many awards and fellowships for their research, and serve as consultants for many industrial laboratories and governmental bodies, and are leaders in many aspects of the profession.

Physical Chemistry for Engineering and Applied Sciences

Currently about 60 graduate students, 17 postdoctoral research associates, and 8 undergraduates comprise the sixteen research groups in physical chemistry and related fields. While not the largest physical chemistry department, there are currently three winners of the National Medal of Science, five members of the National Academy of Sciences, and over sixty other major scientific awards held by our faculty, and it is the nucleus of our research students which provides the key setting for such successful programs.

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  6. We offer the close, personal associations so important in the beginning phases of research, as well as the excitement and opportunities of being a part of large and diverse teams. The long tradition of excellence in our graduate program in physical chemistry is one which all of us, faculty and students alike, are proud to maintain. We hope this introduction to our program will be helpful to you as you approach the very important decision about where you will do your graduate work.

    We believe that a visit gives prospective students the best opportunity to assess our program, and we strongly encourage you to come and see us. Skip to main content.

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    Chemical Bonding. Chemical Kinetics. Solid State. States of Matter. Redox Reactions. Surface Chemistry.

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