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Lattice Theory

Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract In this article, we introduce a new representation based on lattice theory for lexical data from a lexical-database embodying the frame-semantic approach to language description, FrameNet. Issue Section:.

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The fixed point property and a technique to harness double fixed point combinators. For example, F. For example, S.

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Yamamoto and J. White, J.

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Flory, J. For example, P.

Zachmann, Z. Kovacs, J. Goldbach and G.

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Skip to main content. Abstract A lattice theory is developed for crystallization of polymers from the melt containing seeded nuclei and for volume relaxation of amorphous or molten polymers. References 1 T. Google Scholar 7 R. Google Scholar 16 For example, S. Google Scholar 17 M. Google Scholar 20 H. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. Download PDF. Polymer Journal menu.