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By which I mean the rave and club developments evolving from disco, house, garage and techno and whose progeny includes jungle and psy-trance dance cultures. There were other reasons why dance would be neglected. In On record: rock, pop and the written word , Edited by: Frith, S. New York : Pantheon. New York : Routledge.

In Dance in the city , Edited by: Thomas, H. London : Macmillan.

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In Dance, sex, and gender , Edited by: Thomas, H. St Martin's Press.

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Music scholars especially historians of jazz and rock had regarded dance as a seductive force weakening critical faculties Straw Straw, W. Cambridge University Press. In Meaning in motion: new cultural studies of dance , 29 — Raver , Paris : Anthropos.

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Religiologiques , — London : Routledge. This is our house: House music, cultural spaces and technologies , Aldershot : Ashgate. Electronic dance music and social liberation: Sacred sweet wicked ecstasy.

Electronic Dance Music in the Dubstep Era

Altona : Common Ground. Rave culture: An insider's overview , Canada : Smallfry Press.

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  6. As it is loosely in Malbon Malbon, B. Clubbing: Dancing, ecstasy and vitality , London : Routledge. In Journal for the study of Implicit Religion Vol. New York : Berghahn.

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    Maffesoli is especially influential within the Francophone academic community see Gaillot Gaillot, M. Multiple meaning techno: An artistic and political laboratory of the present , Paris : Editions des Voir. In Religiologiques Vol. Logiques sociales. The experience pursued by ravers with or without the use of Ecstasy , is conveyed to be inherently ineffable, which is not to suggest that such an experience is not attributed meaning subsequently.

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    In Postcolonial studies: Culture, politics, economy Vol. Carlisle : Paternoster. A techno-paganism developing within this complex cultural re constructionism has achieved notoriety in the popular techno-pharmacological millenarianism of Terence McKenna McKenna, T. The archaic revival: Speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the Amazon, virtual reality, UFOs, evolution, Shamanism, the rebirth of the goddess, and the end of history , San Francisco : Harper.

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