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This exam tests knowledge and understanding of processes and practical challenges of data quality assessment. Once you pass the exam, you will receive a Certificate of Education documenting that you have demonstrated mastery of the topic.

Data Quality Tools

We recommend that you take detailed notes and review the course material multiple times before taking this exam. Click here to learn more about CIMP exams.

You will learn: The what, why, when, and how of data quality assessment How to identify and use data quality rules for assessment How to ensure completeness of data quality assessment How to construct and use a data quality scorecard How to collect, manage, maintain, warehouse and use data quality metadata This course is geared towards: Data quality practitioners Data stewards IT and business analysts and everyone else involved in data quality management.

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Data Quality Concepts

It works on the premise that if the quality and credibility of the information cannot be trusted, how can the findings be reliable? The risk data quality assessment evaluates the information by asking if the data is credible, of high quality, accurate and understood properly. Not evaluating the credibility of the information or data can often lead to an incorrect analysis that can make the project activities highly susceptible to risks.

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If the information is not reliable, then fixing it is far less costly compared to the impact of risks if it materializes. Complete our short assessment and understand where your organisation sits on our maturity scale and what steps you can take to improve the quality of your data. Credit Data Suite Credit 3D.

Resources Payments Glossary. Data Quality Assessment. The software is used to: Discover the data quality rules Define them against the source data Execute them across the data landscape Provide interrogative reports on the results.

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