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The Sons are confirmed as being active as late as M Also, while their toughness is often likened to Plague Marines , the process by which they were created bears more resemblance to Primaris Marines made without Cawl 's expertise and could also explain their toughness. Primaris Marines are made using some of the process of creating Custodes. So, the Sons might have a similar connection to the Thunder Warriors.

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Note: In real-world Greek mythology, Antaeus was a total badass renowned for being completely invincible while touching his mother. Sounds like a shit superpower, until you find out that Antaeus was actually the son of Gaea AKA the fucking Earth.

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He, of course, abused this by challenging random passersby to Pankration matches think MMA deathmatches and taking their shit when they inevitably lost. This continued up until Hercules defeated him by picking him up off the ground and choking him to death. A Son of Antaeus shows up in the novel Shadowbreaker, as a member of the Deathwatch no less. Called Androcles, he is described as being fucking massive; without armour he was about the size of a Marine wearing theirs. We also get confirmation that they are thought to be Ultramarines successors.

Androcles also claims that despite being a part of the Cursed Founding, the Sons don't see themselves as cursed at all. He also claims the Sons of Antaeus have never been defeated "on solid ground".

Sons of Antaeus

Hercules eventually realized that Gaia, the Earth, Antaeus' mother, was the source of his strength, so Hercules held the giant aloft until all his power had drained away. After he killed Antaeus, Hercules proceeded safely back to his taskmaster, King Eurystheus.

Incidentally, the modern American hero and demigod Percy Jackson , in the eponymous series, written by Rick Riordan, also defeats Antaeus by suspending him above the earth. Share Flipboard Email. Gill is a freelance classics and ancient history writer.

Antaeus (comics)

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