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Nut spends his day sitting in a cafeteria observing his surroundings and daydreaming of being rich.

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He eventually becomes a radical activist criticizing the social stratification in the streets of Greenwich Village. Floyd Cheung, a professor of English language and literature and American studies at Smith College, wrote the afterword and notes for the Penguin Classics edition. As a student, Cheung researched republishing efforts of older Asian American books after his idea to do an independent study on Asian American literature was rejected by an academic adviser. With only four dollars and a suitcase full of Shakespeare to his name, Han struggles to support his studies and picks up odd jobs as a traveling salesman, domestic worker and farmer.

In the process, he observes the idealism, greed and shifting values of industrialization in 20th century America. In the process, he says he observed the idealism, greed and shifting values of industrialization in 20th century America. Chee, who is multiracial, said he was moved by a particular moment at the beginning of the book when Han has a brief encounter with a half Japanese, half Jewish boy while passing through Maine.

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Was that someone the author actually met? One of the main things Chee appreciates about the book is how frank and honest Kang is in his writing and how the novel is unafraid of dealing with topics such as white supremacy. The novel takes place in Seattle and tells the story of Ichiro Yamada and the aftermath of the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War Il. After returning from two years in federal prison after refusing to fight for the United States against Japan, Yamada faces ostracism from the Japanese American community.

While he maintains some friendships, Ichiro struggles to figure out his future. Terms of Service. Cookie Policy. Sorry the full experience of this website is not available on your browser. Please update it.

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Mrs Rosie and the Priest Giovanni Boccaccio Bawdy tales of pimps, cuckolds, lovers and clever women from the fourteenth-century Florentine masterpiece The Decameron. The provocative early-nineteenth-century essayist casts a blackly comic eye over the aesthetics of murder through the ages.

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Pastoral, lyrical verse evoking the rural landscapes and peoples of eighth-century China, from three of its finest poets. The visionary nineteenth-century American poet celebrates nature and the human spirit in these verses from Leaves of Grass. Four sparkling nineteenth-century tales of Parisian high society and rural life, from the father of the modern short story.

The original biography of the murderous, crazed and incestuous Roman emperor Caligula — who pronounced himself a god. A heroic tale of love, anguish and the Golden Fleece from the ancient Greek epic Argonautica.

This revolutionary summons to workers transformed the modern world and still shapes millions of lives today. A bitingly comic portrait of the vulgar Trimalchio and his debauched, drunken Roman banquet, from the outrageous Latin masterpiece The Satyricon.

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The matchless chronicler of Victorian Londoners observes everything from surprise pie-fillings to a balloon-ride over the city. One of the most famous Canterbury Tales casts a satirical eye over sex and marriage in the Medieval age. Glittering essays by the Renaissance master of the form, exploring contradictions in human thoughts and actions. Demonic horrors and spirits dreamt up by the most exuberant, inventive prose writer of Elizabethan England. Horrifying tales of mystery, sickening madness and buried bodies by the master of the macabre. The fearless, pioneering Victorian female explorer describes dodging elephants and fighting off a leopard with a stool in Africa.

Chekhov perfected the short story, as shown in these three moving miniature dramas of love, dread and lies. Dreamlike, poignant verse on passion, torment and resplendent landscapes from one of the first Romantic poets. A ghostly child roams the Northumberland moors, while fairytale characters gather at a strange party, in these two Victorian gothic tales.

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An uproarious romp of one-upmanship and drunkenness from the nineteenth-century Russian comic genius. This horrifying, semi-autobiographical feminist story of imprisonment and madness scandalized nineteenth-century society.

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Moving, sensual verses on nostalgia and desire by the masterful early twentieth-century Greek poet. From the great writer of turn-of-the-century New York, two devastating portraits of lonely widowhood and an unconventional marriage. The great First World War poet portrays first-hand the horror, devastation and futility of the trenches. Entertaining, frank and sharp-tongued letters between the great eighteenth-century composer and his mentor father.


Adventures of shipwreck, colossal beasts and fantastical islands from One Thousand and One Nights. Three witty tales featuring dandies, anarchists and a murderous prophecy in London high society. Composed by a slave in Greek antiquity, some of the most ancient, sharp-witted and mysterious stories ever told. The great propagandist for Tudor sea power depicts the voyages of the famed explorers who mapped the world. Drawn from German folklore, dark, fantastical fairy tales of wicked deeds, gruesome punishment and just rewards.

Ancient Greek myths from The Odyssey telling of battles with memory-destroying plants, cannibal giants and a beautiful enchantress.